Discretionary service
Date of departure
Date of departure

The highest comfort

Barcelona Nord Coach Station offers the best departing and arrival point for coach trips, as it is located next to the Arco del Triunfo, it has a central location and offers every service and amenities for our customers

Our services


All services and amenities for our customers: air-conditioned waiting rooms, shops, cash point, Barcelona tourist information point, 24 hours security, etc


Link to other transport means of transport.


Personalized travel information showed on screens and phone


Wide platforms and easily accesible for coachs


Car Park

170424-Est Nord ALTA 135
Additional information
Information for requests

In "Observations" you may be able to print out key information that we sould know in order to offer you a quality service, as company or agency name you do the service for, if you have a guide, transport any person with functional diversity, etc. Once we receive your request, availability is checked and a confirmation email, stating the assigned platform, will be sent straight away. As simple as that


Pick-up or unpicking (VAT included)

  • 26€ for either departure or arrival

Parking service (VAT included)

  • Rotation (per hour): 12 €
  • Complete (all day): 96 €
  • 12 night hours (from 21.00 to 9.00): 48 €
Payment method

1. The driver will pay at the parking meter located at platform 51 and will get a receipt the service day.

2.Monthly invoicing for carried out services: payment must be done through bank transfer to our bank account in 5 days deadline in the month the service was performed, or as a bank draft from ourselves to the provided bank account.

The following details will have to be provided:

  • Company name
  • Tax Address
  • NIF.
  • Bank account for bank drafts.
  • Administrative department contact person.
Conditions and service operation
  • Platform time will be 25 minutes for picking up and unpicking
  • For departures, the time above is the official departure time and, in case of arrivals, the time is from when the coach enters the station and gets to the assigned platform.
  • All the time that exceeds the previous indication, will be considered as parking time, which will be paid at applicable prices.
  • Time and destination or origin, as the assigned platform for your service, will appear in the information screens and in the central information panel, from where your customers will be able to consult them. Our staff at the information desk will also be in possession of it for any customer who request it, during customer service opening times (7.00 to 21.00 every day)
  • Departure/arrival day from/to Barcelona Nord Coach Station, driver from the coach company which carries out the discretionary service has to identify themselves using the intercom at the entrance barrier, stating origin or destination and transport company. Our staff will point them out to the assigned platform and will open the barrier.