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The building

It consists of the refurbishment of the old station left wing, which had extensively degraded, by the fact of belonging to its primitive building from 1861 as well its usage, as loading and unloading bay of goods carriages, and as its consecutive undergone modifications.

The refurbishment obligued to return the building to its original state, to preserve all its added elements which could have some relevance and to the reinforcement of the foundations, framing, roofs, etc.,  with the intention of renewing them up to date and meeting the inherent regulations to its new use, starting, obviously, for the removal of architectural barriers to make it accesible to people with disabilities. The ceiling in the ground floor is tall enough to be able to build a loft destinated to ancillary services and transport company offices.

Pedestrian access point is located at Alí Beli street across the two edicules which are connected, through lifted walkways over the platform and manoeuvre area, to the station building top floor. This edicules also consist of stairs and lifts for people with reduced mobility to link to platforms and parking.

In the top floor, where passengers arrive from Alí Bei street through the walkways, you can find ticket desks, a central space with escalators, toilets, lifts for people with reduced mobility, etc.

The stairs situated in the central lobby allow the access to the ground floor, where facilities as follows can be found: waiting rooms, personal and telephone information points, arrival and departure information screens, shopping gallery with more than twenty shops, etc. All of it provided with tannoys, CCTV and security staff.

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The station has 47 platforms that allow coaches to park at an angle of 40° and are always to the right of the vehicle in the direction of travel.

The maneuvering area is wide enough for the rear wheels of the vehicles to describe a circumference of 10 m in radius, a condition that all coaches fully meet.

Likewise, in all cases, ample space has been provided so that the maneuvering of coaches in and out of their parking spaces does not interfere with  the circulation of other vehicles through the station.

The width of the platforms for passengers, always greater than 3 m, has been set so that, for each coach, there is enough space for 20/25 passengers.

Parking and control center

The centralization of all services is carried out at the control centre which, computationally, coordinates the entrance and exit of vehicles at the station to optimise its capacity. Right there the whole building security system stands, fitted with anti-theft and break-in alarms, CCTV recording and full-time indoors and outdoors monitoring. Contiguous to the station and with direct access to the platform area, there is an underground car park with 485 parking spaces.

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Touristic Hub

The city of Barcelona is committed to the organization of public space, especially in terms of mobility, to make the city safer, cleaner and more sustainable. With the intention of contributing to improving people's quality of life, the Barcelona Nord Bus Station aims to become the main tourist hub for coach lines, from where the major transportation companies or travel agencies that move a large volume of daily trips operate.

Its location, two minutes from the Metro and Rodalies Renfe “Arc de Triomf” station, brings it closer to Plaça Catalunya in 5 minutes and makes it the point of arrival and departure of passengers on the lines that used to stop at different parts of the city.

The transformation of the station and its centrality as a new point of reference for users and road transport companies reduces the crowding of both people and vehicles in the public road, promote road safety and contribute to a better spatial arrangement.

The Barcelona Nord Bus Station offers a quality service, with guaranteed safety and comfort, both to users and to transport companies and travel agencies that can add value to their customers and find business synergies. The companies have a safe and comfortable space to carry out their activity, being able to concentrate resources by providing a good service in a bus station with facilities and services designed both for travellers and for regular, occasional and tourist transport companies.

A sustainable station

The Barcelona Nord Bus Station is a pioneer in environmental and sustainable policies and, since 2014, has a heating system based on geothermal energy. This air conditioning system takes advantage of the thermal stability of the subsoil and saves approximately 40% on energy consumption, as well as improving the comfort of the station's users. The geothermal heat pump equipment is based on the exchange of energy with the ground, through 32 boreholes, which allows a higher performance of the pumps. In this way, heating in the winter is achieved by extracting the accumulated heat from the ground and cooling in the summer by pouring the excess heat into the ground, which will be used in the winter. The Barcelona Nord Bus Station also has a lighting system with LED technology, both inside and on the platforms, which improves energy efficiency as well as the feeling of safety of its users thanks to an increase in lighting levels without increasing consumption.

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The Station's Plans

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