Access to the facility means the acceptance of, and compliance with, the following regulations of use for the installations.

Barcelona Nord Bus Station is a public place where everyone has to coexist.  

In order for this coexistence to be as pleasant as possible, we must all take care to follow the rules of mutual respect.  To this end, we inform you of the regulations of use for this facility:

  • You must wear a face mask in order to enter the station.
  • You must follow the social distancing regulations and the indications of security personnel.
  • It is not permitted to enter the facility in a bathing costume, or bare-chested or barefoot.

  • It is not permitted to smoke on station premises, except for the special areas provided outside.
  • The benches are exclusively for sitting on, always respecting the obligatory safety distance. It is not permitted to use them for other purposes.

  • It is not permitted to carry out any type of permanent activity (commercial, staying, etc.) that has not been expressly authorised by the station.

  • It is not permitted to play any musical instrument in the facility, or to use music equipment that may alter the acoustics of the facility. 

  • On platforms and in areas for the exclusive use of passengers, access may be denied to anyone who does not have a corresponding transport ticket. 

  • The station is not responsible for lost or stolen property. It is the responsibility of the facility’s users to safeguard their belongings while they are in the station. You are reminded that there is a left-luggage facility available to travellers. .

  • In the case of damages that are not attributable to the station, the company shall not provide any compensation.

  • Messages announced over the station’s general public-address system are exclusively organisational, or concern emergencies.
  • Any images taken of the station’s installations, its employees or its customers, whatever technological support or means employed, may not be used for commercial purposes without prior authorisation.

  • Dogs and other pets will not be allowed to enter the station, except for:
    -  guide dogs; (Article 12 of Act 19/2009, of 26 November)
    -  animals that have to travel, duly placed inside cages authorised by the transport companies for their journey.

  • The company reserves the right of admission for those users who do not comply with the above regulations, or those who carry out acts of vandalism or violence, or who infringe the right of other users to not be disturbed during their time in the station.

  • Travellers are recommended to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours before the departure time of the coach.

  • People who come to wait for a traveller are recommended not to arrive earlier than 1 hour before the coach is scheduled to arrive.