World Day of energy efficiency
2022-03-15 09:15:34


This week at Estació Barcelona Nord we celebrate World Energy Efficiency Day, being pioneers in environmental and sustainable policies and since 2014, having a heat system based on geothermal energy.

This air conditioning system takes advantage of the thermal stability of the subsoil and saves approximately 40% in energy consumption, in addition to improving the comfort of the users of the station.

The geothermal heat pump equipment is based on the exchange of energy with the ground, through 32 perforations, which allows a greater performance of the pumps.

In this way heating is achieved in winter by extracting the heat accumulated in the ground and cooling in summer by pouring the excess heat into the ground, which will be used in winter.

The Barcelona Nord Bus Station also has a lighting system with LED technology, both inside and on the platforms, which improves energy efficiency thanks to increased lighting levels without increasing consumption.