Sants festivities 2022
2022-08-22 13:20:06

The Sants festivities have already arrived! If you do not live in Barcelona, ​​do not worry, the Barcelona Nord Station accompanies you so that you can experience them first-hand and enjoy them with your friends or family.

From August 20 to 28, the Fiestas de Sants 2022 return to Barcelona, ​​its streets will host many activities and concerts for both residents and visitors who come to see them to enjoy.

Its wide range of leisure offers suitable plans for any public, among which the musical performances and its beautiful decorated streets stand out.

Among the most outstanding activities that you can enjoy these days in the streets of Sants you will find the Proclamation of the festivities, its decorated streets, endless concerts every day of the week, the castellers de Sants, and an infinity of activities both for adults and children, where you can find gastronomic evenings, dance days, theaters, board games and much more.


You can check the full schedule, its times and places where they will be held, on the Festa Major de Sants 2022 website.